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Pru Webster

“It is my vision to share with you and others the immense health benefits and wisdom Ayurveda can bring.”

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At Aditi health and beauty we are passionate about health and wellbeing.
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian lifestyle and medical system, which can help us achieve a long, happy and healthy life.
We treat our clients holistically, treating each person with the utmost care and attention, so they can achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.

Pru Webster is the founder of Aditi health and beauty. Qualifying in 1997 she has studied with many professional bodies including The International Dermal Institute and The Ayurveda Institute.

Pru has a thorough understanding of her clients needs having managed several salons and prides herself on providing clients with sufficient time to relax in a safe, confidential space, with a high standard of service. Pru trained in Ayurvedic head and body massage in 2001 which further opened her eyes to this very deep and profound healing system.

In 2003 she began a three year diploma in Ayurvedic medicine at the Ayurvedic clinic in Purley, including three months clinical practice in Sri Lanka, graduating in June 2006. As a registered member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association she is passionate about Ayurveda and continues to attend conferences, seminars and workshops to build on her own knowledge and experience.


I have been going to Pru for Ayurvedic massage on a regular basis for several years as it is the perfect antidote to stress and computer based work and Pru is an excellent practitioner.  I also suffer from back, neck and shoulder problems and usually have to see a chiropractor to correct alignment and release the muscles.  On my last visit I was suffering from a misaligned neck and hips and Pru said she would use a new technique, Spiritual restructuring, Sp.R that she had recently studied. I have to admit to being sceptical about this working but I was delighted when a couple of days after the session the pain had completely gone. I had been sure that I would need a chiropractor appointment but I should have realised that Pru knew best! I was delighted to be proved wrong!

Helen P
Ayurvedic massage and Sp.R

I have been receiving monthly Ayurvedic massage therapy as well as holistic advice on nutrition, emotional and physical wellbeing from Pru for over two years now.

I suffer from lower back pain and neck and shoulder- aches as well as from emotional exhaustion at times from caring for my disabled son. I have tried other types of massage therapies in the past, but feel that the Ayurvedic therapeutical input from Pru works best for me. Not only does the Ayurvedic massage therapy target and remedy imbalances at the time of the treatment but also in the longer term.

Pru addresses and helps remedy the imbalances in my body in a gentle, calm, holistic and highly supportive and professional manner.  The advice I receive from Pru enables me to be more in tune with my body and mind. Knowing what can “trigger” imbalances has a preventative effect and does therefore also help my overall wellbeing.

Pru has supported me through some turbulent times, helped restoring my energy levels  and helped me to feel more grounded and calm. I can therefore highly recommend Pru and Ayurvedic massage therapy.

Berit T
Ayurvedic massage and diet and lifestyle

Thank you so much for the healing treatments, these really hit the spot. I am so full of energy, jumped out of bed and cleaned the house etc etc
You really did me the world of good. I am thanks to you feeling my old self again!

John D – 87yrs
Reiki and Sp.R healing treatments

I have had five shirodara oil treatments and found them to be very soothing. I really trust Pru and her ability to carry out the treatment to enhance the experience and therefore the benefits. It helped me to find clarity at a time of turbulence. I would definitely recommend shirodara to anyone considering it.

Sophie P
Shirodhara treatment