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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medical system, based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature. It simply means science of life and has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Today, Ayurveda is a recognised branch of medicine existing in India alongside conventional medicine and is becoming ever more popular with spas and health centres around the world.

How can Ayurvedic beauty help me?

Our truly relaxing beauty treatments use Ayurveda wherever possible. By using the wisdom of Ayurveda in our treatments ie. specific massage techniques and practices, as well as using natural, organic creams and oils specific to your needs, we can assist in the restoration of balance and harmony and actively encourage self-healing and vitality. We are dedicated to encouraging an optimum state of wellbeing and a happy and healthy mind, body and spirit.

What Ayurvedic treatments do we offer?

Heavenly natural and organic products are used, tailor-made to suit your particular skin. Facials include a skin consultation, cleansing treatment and mask to deeply cleanse, revitalise and hydrate, whilst encouraging cellular renewal. A therapeutic massage will be incorporated, using specially selected oils. You will be left feeling relaxed and calm, with your skin beautifully soft and radiant.

Skin care and Ayurvedic beauty
Ayurvedic express facial:
Quite simply a quick, but effective facial for those with a busy schedule.
(30 mins)
Ayurvedic harmony facial:
To restore balance and harmony to tired skin, giving a healthy glow.
(60 mins)
Ayurvedic luxury rejuvenating facial:
Working on the vital energy points of the face, head & neck. Uplifting and toning, bringing vitality to the skin.
(90 mins)
Ayurvedic head and face massage:
Deeply relaxing. Reducing tension in the head & face whilst bringing a sense of calm to a busy mind.
(45 mins)
Ayurvedic rejuvenating eye treatment (incorporated with facial):£18.00
(20 mins)
Ayurvedic rejuvenating eye treatment (as a treatment on its own):
Gentle pressure point massage & mask. Reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. An anti-ageing treatment to bring the twinkle back to tired eyes.
(30 mins)