“Thank you so much for the healing treatments,
I am so full of energy, jumped out of bed, cleaned the house etc etc
You really did me the world of good!”

John D – 87yrs

Usui, Seichem and Karuna Reiki

A profoundly powerful form of healing the mind, body and spirit. Working at a very deep level to re balance your energies and help to bring you a greater sense of peace and well-being. This treatment can be performed with hands on or off the body and may be incorporated within a treatment.

As a Reiki Master I am attuned to work with all three of these systems and they will be incorporated throughout the treatment according to your individual needs.

It is my belief that I am working with universal life force energy, to assist the body to enter into a deep state of relaxation, enabling it to re balance and harmonise. This can help to facilitate your own healing ability and may alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort in the body and release mental and emotional stress, leaving you with a greater sense of peace and well being.

Usui, Seichem and Karuna Reiki (45mins) £40

Spiritual response therapy (SRT)

Clearing blocks, fears, beliefs and negative energies from past, present and future lives.

Replacing with positive energies to open to a brighter and happier life.

This is a very profound, spiritual process for researching and eliminating discordant programmes that have accumulated in the sub conscious and soul record from current and past life experiences. A program is a strong sub conscious ‘script’ often accompanied by negative emotional energy, that is played out in your current life in response to triggers such as events you have experienced or persons that you have known in past lives. By clearing these programmes we are free to make clear conscious choices in the present without the undue influence of these negative programmes from our past.

Spiritual response therapy (SRT) (1 hour) £50

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)

SPR is a healing modality, it is a gentle and non invasive treatment.

SpR identifies and releases discordant energies that have created problems and contributed to mental, emotional and physical trauma.

Correcting muscle imbalances, which allow the bones and tissues to return to their proper position.

Releasing blocks and negative energies from organs and glands to allow the healing energy to flow through enhancing the bodily functions

Balancing the Chakras, Auric field and body systems

SpR recognises the body’s own innate intelligence and ability to self correct and heal itself.

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) (75 mins) £60

Aditi Reiki healing and SRT image

“I was delighted when a couple of days after the session the pain had completely gone.”

Helen P