Pinda Sveda

This is a traditional treatment which uses heated boluses/pindas the size of a large orange and made from nourishing grains, herbs and oils.  The pindas are used to firmly massage the entire body and promote sweating.

Used for relief of chronic and acute muscle and joint pain, rehabilitates and rejuvenates fatigued muscles and joints.  It also reduces fat, treats cellulite and improves skin tone and texture.

This treatment is also an excellent relief for many illnesses and is considered especially superb for wasting diseases such as paraplegia and poliomyelitis, which result in the wasting away of muscular tissue.

Prior to the Pinda Sveda the whole body is massaged with the appropriate medicated oil.

Pinda Sveda is excellent for vata and kapha disorders since both doshas are innately cold in nature and the excessive heat stimulates the fat tissues and releases sweat through the skin, generating a total euphoria of warmth throughout the whole system.