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The Octave of Learning

An individual programme for self growth

  • Change Your Life
  • Understand the Chakras
  • Raise your awareness
  • Look at your Life Challenges
  • Improve your relationships

This programme is a course for Self Development using visualisation and meditation techniques combined with an increased understanding of who we are, it is designed for all people who have the desire to grow and raise their awareness.

This course takes you in 8 steps through 8 energy fields. You will recognise your beliefs, patterns and reactions as we learn the workings of the chakras.

Each step helps you to learn more about yourself and how you interact with others.

The ‘OCTAVE OF LEARNING’ was designed by Marja Vraets- Guliker. The course is a framework which is linked to the CHAKRAS.  Eight steps are taken to raise the awareness from low – to a higher- awareness of Self, as you go from the Base/Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. An ‘Octave’ in music takes you from low-C to high- C as from “do, re, mi, …”, when you sing.  Every Chakra has its own colour and frequency and relates to these notes. These energies affect a specific area of the Body through which the Mind expresses its-Self to life. These fields should be clear and in balance for positive expression and experiences.

The Octave of Learning

8 Steps – 8 weeks – 8 sessions One to One £120.00

Group sessions available on request