Spiritual Response Therapy

“I was delighted when a couple of days after the session the pain had completely gone.”

Helen P

What is SRT and how can I benefit from it?

Virtually everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing. Did you know that SRT can actually enhance the effects of all other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative?

During a session, I will research and clear negative and discordant energies in ‘real time’ which means it can be from the past, present, parallel and future lives!

This is because on a spiritual level our perception of time and space in the linear sense doesn’t exist. Therefore everything is happening at once, in the eternal now!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to understand this concept in order for it to work for you.


SRT happens at the highest level of consciousness and is way beyond the limitations of the third dimensional way of thinking. The possibilities are infinite and unlimited.

This is the very reason why I believe everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing, Its like an MOT for the soul, clearing out all the negative, energetic junk that no longer serves you and cleaning and polishing your engine to a high shine,  so you can function at your very best to reach your maximum potential.

If you are feeling stuck or blocked from moving forwards in any way , there are likely to be problem areas in your life caused by subconscious negative beliefs and programming, Using SRT these can be researched, cleared and replaced with positive programs.

SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler in 1988, and accepts the premise that everyone has experienced a previous existence in both spiritual and incarnational realms. Negative energy and limiting beliefs established then, as well as in the present, can keep an individual from realizing their full potential. The purpose of SRT is to free the soul and empower it to express the highest good it has come here to experience, thereby creating a positive and fulfilling future for themselves and for the planet.

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Initial Full clearing  (90mins) £70

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Standard  clearing (1hr) £60

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Target  clearing for a specific problem eg  family, relationships, work, finances, friends, pets etc.
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House clearing includes holy spirit washdown on your home or property (30mins – 1hr)
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Why choose SRT?

SRT can help with the following;

  • Release negativity and Break old habits
  • Transform emotional and physical issues, including:
  • Allergies, Weight issues, Chronic pain, Illness, Disease, Anxiety, Fear, “Lack” Consciousness
  • Change false beliefs, perceptions and attitudes
  • Attain greater clarity, balance, joy, and harmony
  • Clear stuck energies and repeating cycles of limiting behaviours
  • Clear past life energies and programs
  • Improve current relationships of all types (family, spouse, work, finances, friends, pets, etc.)
  • Clear negative/ discordant  energies from your home ‘House clearing’

What is involved in an SRT clearing session?

Working through a spiritual and intuitive connection between the Practitioner and Client at the highest level of Consciousness, research is carried out through a series of in depth questions and answers using a pendulum, the information given will highlight any impeding blocks, programmes and negative energies which are ready to be cleared. Once those negative energies or programs are clear, you may well feel a lot lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted! This is a sign of a happy soul.  Your soul has been freed up to proceed with its intended plan.

The research carried out may include past lives as well as present life experiences.

As part of the clearing process, we may identify negative energies that are being held in your mind, body and spirit , physically , mentally and spiritually , including conscious and sub conscious at all levels of your being.

All the negative, discordant energies, blocks and programmes can be cleared from where ever they reside to release and heal any physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual imbalances manifested within you.

Often the underlying reason for an unresolved issue is not quite what we think it is!!

With SRT We always look to research and identify the root cause, so that it may be cleared and healed on all levels, right the way down to the physical body.

A full clearing can take up to 90mins depending on the nature of the research and the client’s soul’s readiness to clear and release the programs or energies that are identified.  Initially three sessions in a three weekly succession are recommended, this is to allow the soul to integrate what it has learned and cleared from each prior session. Every soul clears in the right and perfect time for itself.

How might I feel after a session?

After a clearing, any negative subconscious tendencies can be significantly reduced since a clearing empowers you to respond differently to your life situations and transcend any unhelpful or limited perceptions you might have about yourself and others.

Healing is unique for each individual client, only your Soul and higher self can know what is best for you.

Ultimately we each create our own reality, SRT is an amazing tool but it cannot take from you your free will and the power to choose, and nor would we want it to!  So, you will be required to bring your conscious mind (habits) into alignment with the vibrational shifts that occur to get the most benefit from your session with me.

The Soul is ultimately in charge of its own healing. Nothing happens that is not planned for or allowed by the Soul. As divine beings creating our own reality, we cannot be victims.

Each of our experiences has been carefully planned by our Soul and this indicates that we are powerful spiritual beings capable of creating and can affect the world around us. Each Soul chooses how and when to heal; the SRT consultant is just a facilitator.

Exerpt from Spiritual healing principles.

“to hold a belief is to reveal our infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance”

Scientist John Wheeler on the power of Belief

“Just as ripples radiate from the place where a stone is thrown into a pool of water, our sometime-unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs create the “disturbances” in the field that become the blueprints for our lives.”

“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.”

Scientist Gregg Braden

Telephone and Skype sessions available for Remote healing – paypal payment and policy as below.
Booking, Payment & Cancellation policy applies: Payment before the appointment is required, 48 hours notice is required for cancellations. For a missed appointment or if cancellation notice takes place inside 48 hours no refund will be given.